About us

  SkinMed is a place that has been created by man, his desires and needs associated with physical desire to improve their own image. This point on the map that was created for the patient, looking for an effective way to fight the imperfections own body, and his business partner, chose us.

Our goal is to make the treatment program tailored to his needs, that their complexity and purposefulness will help to achieve the objective. With an effective support of specialized equipment and the latest achievements of science and technology, which will help to change the image. 
It’s a place we recommend to everyone who after a day of work and time passing quickly need a nice environment and effective partner who will help in changing for the better.

Marzena Mroczek


al. gen. Józefa Hallera 94/1 - ,,Ogrody Hallera"
Do Państwa dyspozycji miejsce postojowe nr 10,
oznaczone blokadą, najbliżej trawnika.
tel. 693 285 850
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al. gen. Józefa Hallera 94/1 53-324 Wrocław
+48 693 285 850
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