Body Treatments


Icoone is a treatment which by the magazine Your Style has been recognized as the most effective treatment for firm and attractive silhouette. Description of treatment icoone massage is a proposal for all who are interested in an overall improvement in skin appearance. It is a device that allows for precise work on the [...]


Description of the treatment technique used in the head robosolo allows the activation of the release process of fat (lipolysis) while eliminating the imperfections of the skin, affecting at the same time to improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin and the production of elastin and collagen. purpose of the [...]


GEM-IPL laser hair removal treatment Description GEM-PL is an effective way to combat unwanted hairs. It is based on a light emitting device which, when combined with the appropriate wavelength, effectively damages the hair follicles, which prevents their re-growth. The treatment is safe and effective. The objective [...]

STOP cellulite program

Characteristics of cellulite, cellulite STOP program characteristics of cellulite, orange peel is a disease that is one of the most common ailments twentieth century. It arises as a result of abnormal fat distribution combined with obrzękowo-fibrous changes. It attacks our body such areas as the hips, buttocks, thighs, [...]


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