Description of the treatment
technique used in the head robosolo allows the activation of the release process of fat (lipolysis) while eliminating the imperfections of the skin, affecting at the same time to improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin and the production of elastin and collagen.
purpose of the treatment
aim of treatment is to reduce the fat and cellulite, swelling, decrease in muscle tone, flexibility of scars, improve mood, firming and slimming figure.
How does
The procedure is performed using a special costume that not only affects the comfort of the treatment, but very effectively protects the skin, for example. before pulling out hairs. It works directly on the skin, improving its elasticity, as well as contributing to the overall improvement in skin appearance, effectively eliminating the problems of therapeutic and aesthetic.
The effects
The effects p: cellulite reduction, skin smoothing, alignment subcutaneous tissue, slim figure, more flexible scars, reducing edema , cleansing the body of toxins and a general improvement in well-being.
Pregnancy (except for the feet)
Diseases of the blood
surgery What is
This device, which allows you to work on the connective tissue, which under the influence of constant stimulation softens. Followed by activation of fat cells, improve circulation, firming
and smoothing the skin. Equipped with mechanized and niezmechanizowane treatment heads (different sizes) under its own power, allowing to change its direction.
The result is a precise one-dimensional massage of the skin (vacuum there is a principal head is centralized not possible to disperse the vacuum, the skin is stimulated, with such force exerted by the therapist).
How many treatments you need to perform
is recommended to perform a series of 10-15 treatments.
Price and time
average duration of treatment is 35 minutes, the single treatment of 180 zł, dress for the treatment of 100 zł
(in packets free of charge) . The purchase option package price is lower because the treatment is covered by discounting.
Recommendations after treatment
in order to obtain optimized results, please inclusion of anti-cellulite treatments preparations, but remember that you should only use them after the surgery !.
At the same time we kindly inform you that in To sustain the effects of treatment, it is recommended to perform one maintenance treatment 1x per month.


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