GEM-IPL laser hair removal
treatment Description
GEM-PL is an effective way to combat unwanted hairs. It is based on a light emitting device which, when combined with the appropriate wavelength, effectively damages the hair follicles, which prevents their re-growth. The treatment is safe and effective.
The objective surgery
is damage to the hair follicle, which in turn leads to getting rid of hair. The treatment is safe and painless (in neuralgicznych places of our body, you can feel the increased heat), which gives way on the same day.
Pregnancy, breast feeding
fresh tan
skin inflammations
Taking medicines and herbs such as photosensitizing agents. St. John’s wort, calendula (should resign with their adoption as early as 3 weeks before)
use of creams with vitamin C and retinol (must resign from their use already
three weeks earlier)
coagulation disorders
Drinking alcohol 24 hours before surgery
For whom
For all those who want to get rid of unwanted hair.
How looks procedure
with prior, careful preparation of the patient, the body is covered gel for ultrasound, head Treatment is applied to the skin and in accordance with prescribed treatment rooms schemes are subjected to different areas of hair removal treatment.
How many treatments should be carried
advised to undergo a series of treatments, including 4 treatments carried out at intervals of 6-12 weeks.
Recommendations after treatment
performed during a series of treatments, please do not use the solarium and sunbathing !,
as well as not accepting photosensitizing herbs and medicines and not the use of products containing vitamin C and carefully read a list of contraindications of treatment.
treatment Description:
This is a short, painless, non-invasive, restorative and rejuvenating skin treatment, consisting of abrasion of dead skin cells using a diamond heads. This treatment by its simplicity and efficiency does not require any special preparation of the patient and does not cause allergies, yet very effective way to improve the appearance of the skin.
purpose of the treatment:
The objective is to remove the stratum corneum, the epidermal stimulation of, improvement of microcirculation and increased absorption of active ingredients. The aim is to purify and thickening of the skin, increasing the synthesis of elastin and collagen and smoothing out scars and wrinkles.
The effect of treatment
it smooth, purified and rejuvenated skin that absorbs nutrients more efficiently.
For whom
treatment is recommended all those wishing to effectively rejuvenate the skin, eliminate shallow wrinkles, dry skin, enlarged pores, rough, rough skin, struggling with hypertrophic and atrophic scars and stretch marks, as well as wishing to prepare the skin for further anti-aging treatments.


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