GEM -IPL face: rejuvenation, reduction of erythema, age spots, freckles, increasing the firmness
and elasticity of the skin, acne rosacea, treatment can be performed on a single vessel, as well as the entire face, hands and neck.
Description of treatment:
This non-invasive treatment for people with clear signs of skin aging, aimed at increasing skin firmness and elasticity, recommended a person with vascular problems, enlarged pores, pigmentation, pigmented spots, freckles, acne rosacea. The method consists in applying to the area of treatment, interventional special probe, which aims at reducing drag and remodeling of collagen, blood pogrzanie in the vessel is designed to lighten them and shrinkage, while the spots and blemishes become darker to
10-12 days subject to exfoliation.
Purpose of treatment
Improvement of skin tension, contraction of blood vessels, resulting from too high blood pressure, closing the pores of the skin, the overall improvement in skin tone, elimination of fine wrinkles and unwanted skin problems, pigmented spots, freckles, broken blood vessels that appear on the skin on by too high blood pressure and they appear
in the form of unsightly aesthetic problems which are red niteczki ie. spider veins. The most common sites of occurrence of these changes are: the face, neck, neck, legs. After the treatment the skin is skin smooth and taut.
Causes of vascular lesions:
Large fluctuations in hormone levels
with cardiovascular problems
Genetic predisposition
Variations in temperature (heat, cold)
Chronic exposure to the sun, solarium, sauna
No sun protection UVA and UVB
Improper care
Pregnancy, breast feeding
fresh tan
skin inflammations
Taking photosensitizing drugs and herbs (marigold, dziurawiec- give up three weeks before surgery)
The use of creams with vitamin C and retinol (cancel three weeks before surgery)
endocrine disorders
Drinking alcohol 24 hours before surgery
Disorders Coagulation
For whom
For all have unwanted ,, spiders “and people of all ages interested in improving firmness and elasticity of the skin, eliminate fine wrinkles and skin imperfections.
How is the treatment
Special Treatment head is applied to specific locations in the case of blood vessels, age spots and Dye and the whole face of an photorejuvenation. The procedure is non-invasive, apply ultrasound gel and irradiated, treatment can be accompanied by gently pinching that disappears on the same day after treatment. At the end of the treatment applied cream
with collagen.
The price and time
treatment lasts from a few minutes in the event of liquidation single blood vessel, liver spots or freckles, to 1 h for photorejuvenation. When photorejuvenation it is recommended that from 3 to 5 treatments, while the reduction of erythema it is recommended to 6-10 treatments spaced 7-14 days. The cost of treatment ranges from 50 zł for a single vessel up to 500 zł for the entire face.
Recommendations after treatment
in the performance of a single treatment or a series please do not use the solarium, sauna, sun bathing, as well as not receiving photosensitizing herbs and medicines. no use of products with vitamin C, alcohol-based tonics, please moderate exercise and use sunscreen. At the same time we would like to kindly ask you to acquaint yourself with the list of contraindications.


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