Icoone is a treatment which by the magazine Your Style has been recognized as the most effective treatment for firm and attractive silhouette.
Description of treatment
icoone massage is a proposal for all who are interested in an overall improvement in skin appearance. It is a device that allows for precise work on the connective tissue. This unit has 6 heads: 3 mechanized, under its own power and 3 niezmechanizowane. All are equipped with vacuum and massage rollers that allow you to change direction,
and special micropores used in these shafts (allows distribution of vacuum) sucks up the skin fold (use patented technology Roboderm) causing that we are in the hands of the instrument, which like no other, allows for a very precise 3-dimensional massage the skin. The result is firm, taut and well-nourished skin without stretching.
The objective surgery
icoone is a device designed to combat the shortcomings of our body, such as: cellulite, lymphatic swelling, scars, burns and surgery, muscle stiffness. It affects the firmness
and elasticity of our skin, stimulates the fibroblasts, which affect the production of elastin and collagen and stimulates adipocytes (i.e. fat cells). The treatment cleanses the body of toxins and improves well-being. This device, which find use in surgical procedures for example. Before and after liposuction, the lift to soften tissue and anti-aging medicine.
icoone equipped with a special massage rollers which produce the so called. multimikrostymulację, which operates on every millimeter of our skin stimulation 1180 allow each square dm our skin, but without stretching. The effect of this action is highly accurate, three-dimensional massage, recommended for all regardless of age and skin type. The unit has 3 types of vacuum: the main head (used eg. In sports medicine, old scars)
in mikrootworach (used eg. when working on a loose skin, fresh scars) in head homepage and mikrootworach (used eg. for modeling figure). By this action, the skin is subjected to constant stimulation, and as a result we have multi-dimensional massage the treated skin surface.
The effect of treatment
This increase in blood flow and lymph or lymphatic drainage, which by stimulating the fat cells improves skin firmness and elasticity, and consequently causes the skin It becomes better nourished and tense. Followed by reduction of cellulite, fat deposits, it is possible to model the figure, reducing circuit, getting rid of the swelling, cleansing the body
of toxins, more flexible scars and a general improvement in well-being. The effect of treatment include: a toned, Lean, nourished and smooth skin.
1. Pregnancy (except for the feet)
2. Infections, inflammations, skin rash
3. Blood disorders
4. Phlebitis
5. Tumors
For whom
The product is targeted to all people who want a non-invasive way to get rid of aesthetic problems, and effectively improve the nutrition and tension of their skin.
How is the treatment
procedure is performed using a special suit, which increases the comfort of a treatment
and consists of two stages: 1st is to drain the whole, the body serving the general improvement of the skin, and the 2nd is directed local treatment, designed to solve individual problems, therapeutic and aesthetic person undergoing the treatment.
How many treatments to be carried out
Number of treatments depends on the needs and expectations of the client, on average, ranges from 5 to 15 treatments.
The price and time
BASE 20 min + 10 min Focus, the maximum treatment time is 60 min, a single treatment 250 zł, dress for the treatment of 100 zł (in packets free of charge). The purchase option package price is lower because the treatment is covered by discounting.
Recommendations after treatment
in order to obtain optimized results, please inclusion of anti-cellulite treatments preparations, but remember that you should only use them after the surgery !.
At the same time we kindly inform you that in To sustain the effects of treatment, it is recommended to perform one maintenance treatment 1x per month.


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