STOP cellulite program

Characteristics of cellulite, cellulite STOP program characteristics of
cellulite, orange peel is a disease that is one of the most common ailments twentieth century. It arises as a result of abnormal fat distribution combined with obrzękowo-fibrous changes. It attacks our body such areas as the hips, buttocks, thighs, abdomen, upper arms. This is caused by disorders of the lymphatic system and circulatory problems. It is a complex problem that requires a condensed actions and multi-path approach to the problem and requires lifestyle changes and diet, regular physical activity, supported antycellulitowymi treatments that effectively will contribute to the reduction of cellulite and help to improve the skin and maintain good health for a long time.
The treatments for cellulite will allow for:
contribute to reducing cellulite I, II, III degree
will allow to get rid of excess water and toxins from the body
through the lymphatic drainage conduct stimulate blood and lymph circulation
will increase fat metabolism
will increase while absorbing the active ingredients into the skin penetrating
model the silhouette
firming and firms the skin
How To Get Rid Of Cellulite
The very desire to get rid of this skin problem is a value added service. And further help us in this may:
Changing lifestyles,
regular physical activity
Using a proper diet
cellulite treatments that will effectively contribute to the fight against this kind of problem aesthetic and therapeutic.
In order to help combat this problem unaesthetic skin, prepared STOP Cellulite program.
For whom the program was created Cellulite STOP
For all those who, despite the many diets and prevention activities often failed to cope with this problem.
What we can participate in this program
will help to get rid of unnecessary kg, will contribute to effective cleaning the body
of toxins and excess water and improve skin firmness and elasticity, and ultimately teach systematic and sensitivity to stimuli and signals that send us their own bodies.
What we in this pomorze
analysis of body composition that is a key instrument in the fight against unwanted pounds, which provide the necessary information about our body, and mostly will inform us about: the percentage of body fat, body water content, the amount of muscle tissue, bone weight, determine the BMI, body weight and an appropriate amount of kilograms needed to drop or gain weight. All these activities are aimed at improving our image, but above all they have to initiate a network of external changes and internal that will help us in maintaining a balance between a healthy body and spirit, and will enjoy good health and a slim silhouette for many years. All the mentioned parameters will be determined on the basis of the Body Analyzer and adypometru.
How the Body Analyzer
is a device designed for in-depth analysis of the body, which is carried out using electrical resistance of tissues organizmmu (inpedencja), carried out with the help of an electrical signal with a very low concentration . The test is safe and painless complete.
What other treatment recommendations are necessary for the implementation of the program was effective cellulite STOP
is advisable that the patient has implemented the diet (their own, ready – made ​​available by us or arranged by a dietician), which will have to To detoxify and individualized needs of the patient, drank 2 liters of water a day in order to adequately rehydrate the body.
What treatment recommendations contribute to
treatment recommendations are designed to support the work of our body in the process of purification
and regeneration to maintain supple and flexible skin in order to enjoy it and perfect the body for many years.
Is a physical activity
course, this crucial and inseparable component of cellulite STOP program, which taking into account previous measurements of body composition, taking into account the disease, taking into account the type of work performed by us and age, will contribute to fit our needs exercise that they will be able to perform from the comfort of your home, the gym, outdoors or decide to help
personal trainers and experience that will help us achieve the objective.
Who Cellulite is dedicated to the STOP program.
The program is dedicated to all those who have decided to make a change in your life. The first stage of these changes is to change the body, which in an effective way will improve physical
and mental health. The next step is durable adaptation of a healthy lifestyle that may protect us from metabolic diseases, which can include diabetes, gout, gallstones and liver problems and help us enjoy good health for many years. All of you good luck and perseverance in achieving the desired goal.


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